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Mobify Home Décor Business Card

Rafael Guedes designed these business cards for Mobify, a furniture and home decor company that wants to revolutionize the market. It sells furniture and decorative objects that can be customized by customers.

“The company offers its customers the possibility to customize and personalize the products in different ways. With Mobify, everyone can create a piece of furniture or decoration item according to their architectural project or their personal taste,” Rafael said.

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Naming & Logo Design

The first part of the brand name ‘Mob’ was based on the word ‘mobile’ (in Portuguese) while the suffix ‘fy’ means an act/action (in English). It was also inspired by the word ‘Modify’, which has the sound resemblance to Mobify, strengthening the concept of personalization.

To understand more about the history and revolution of furniture, Rafael researched and discovered more about Skara Brae, which led him into creating this unique and meaningful logo.

“Skara Brae is a Stone Age village in the United Kingdom, dating from the late Neolithic period. It was estimated that the first pieces of furniture were built there. The brand was created, inspired by the stacked rectangular stones, to form practically all the furniture at that time.”

“In other words, it was possible to customize and create different types of furniture from rectangular pieces of rock,” Rafael added.

The logo design is a combination of the letter ‘M’, Skara Brae blocks and a house.

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Pattern Design, Typography & Colour Palette

The business card is designed to convey modernity, sophistication, good taste and boldness. As for the unique pattern on the back of the card, it is created based on the logo itself.

“The pattern was developed using the Mobify symbol as inspiration. I used this element in different sizes and positions so that they fit, seeking to convey the idea of ​​furniture customization that the company offers to customers. The negative space between the shapes also creates some paths, which give the idea of ​​creative possibilities that the company offers people to customize their furniture and decorative objects,” Rafael explained.

With the help of an earthy colour palette, it gives the overall branding a minimalist yet modern, authentic feel.

“The color palette was built with the goal of transmitting modernity, elegance, sophistication and communicating that the company primarily works with furniture made of wood. Based on these attributes, we defined the palette with graphite to add sophistication, beige tones to refer to woodcraft and cream to ensure modernity and a good contrast between colors.”

For the typography, a handmade modified version of Saira Bold font was used for the logotype while Montserrat Family was used for other written information on the card, such as titles, contact details etc.

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “The cards should be printed on a textured paper with a high grammage to ensure quality and a special experience to the Mobify’s potential clients. It will be printed on the front and back,” Rafael suggested.

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Designed by Rafael Guedes

For Mobify

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