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Minna Furniture Design Studio Business Card

Daniel Barba López designed these business cards for Minna Studio, an industrial and furniture design studio based in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. It was founded by Karina Vallejo Cisneros.

“Minna Studio was specialized in production, design and interiors; and to provide complete design services to their customers. The design process started with concept design, sketching, production and final delivery, with the only purpose to provide a design experience,” Daniel said.

MINNA logo
The business card design embraces elegance, distinction and minimalism but each visually structured in such a way that it reflects the values that Daniel and his client are trying to express.

“We hope to create a harmony between the blank spaces with the elements, similar to an interior design or architecture project.”

MINNA business cards
Instead of the usual layout, the contact information was divided into sections. “The idea was inspired by the structure of an architectonic space, and the information represents the furniture and objects within this space.”

Daniel made full use of the typography elements in the card design as well, with the ‘M+I’ at the upper left corner symbolizes the initials of the word ‘Minna Interiors’, while ‘NN’ is a part of ‘MINNA’ logotype. According to Daniel, the distribution of these elements was made for aesthetic motifs too.

MINNA_business card2MINNA_branding
These business cards were printed via silkscreen printing technique on cardboard (as a result of splicing of three cardboards) with the use of gold foil for the logotype and contact information.

MINNA business cardMINNA_business cardMINNA_branding2MINNA stationery

Designed by Daniel Barba López

For Minna Studio

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