Minerva Accounting business cards

Minerva Accounting Business Card

Sofia Parker designed these business cards for Minerva Accounting.

Sofia’s client requested a minimalistic and geometrical logo in the shape of an Owl in order to have that inviting and friendly look.

Sofia went on to collect inspirations from Dribbble, Behance and Pinterest. She searched for images of owls and geometrical shapes, then start sketching out a draft of the owl before using Adobe Illustrator to clean it up and making it geometrical by outlining triangular looking shapes across the image.

Then, she worked with a simple grayscale for this one to keep that minimalistic look and feel.

Sofia’s hard work paid off as the business card design turns out looking great and professional!

Minerva Accounting business cards2 Minerva Accounting stationery

Designed by Sofia Parker (Sofia Parker Designs)

For Minerva Accounting

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