Minal Design Studio Business Card

Tom Cheal designed these business cards for Minal Studio, which is also a rebranding project for both himself and his studio based in Brighton.

“The process was fairly simple,” Tom said. “After having done a lot of work designing the new identity, the designs for the cards came around fairly easily.”

For Tom, choosing a color palette, typeface, and shapes that worked well and stood out together were the most important choices to make.

To do so, he looked a lot into how people chose vibrant and bright colours in print and went on from there.

The resulting business card is an eye-catcher thanks to its bright colour palette and a playful, modern back design as well.

When asked about the inspiration behind this, Tom replied, “It was essential I got the look and feel I was after.”

“So, I looked at a lot of simplistic styles and also other similar studios who had made use of bold typography and textured stock.”

Even the logo is quite an intriguing one, forming the initial letter “M” of the brand name, Minal.

The business cards were printed on recycled cotton paper by MOO, giving them a nice matte finish, uncoated and textured feel.


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Minal Design Studio Business Card

Designed by Tom Cheal at Minal Studio

Printed by MOO

For Minal Studio

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