Miguel Trias business card

Miguel Trias Graphic Designer Business Card

Miguel Trias designed these business cards for his self-branding as a multi-disciplinary designer and producer based in the island of Mallorca, working for local and international brands.

“I wanted to create an extremely minimalistic business card design that felt great to the touch,” Miguel said.

When asked about the inspiration behind his minimalist logo design, Miguel replied, “To be honest, when I started this logo (back in 2015) I did it from its shape and lines, and then found a meaning to it. You know, sometimes you never know where the idea can come from. What I knew was that I wanted to create a minimalistic logo based on an ‘M’ shape, with just one single feature that differentiated it from others.”

Miguel Trias logo

“I didn’t want to add many details or twists to it, and through many tests I ended up having a strikethrough line that also gave meaning to the whole design. Not a profound one, but one I always want to remember: always keep ‘your feet on the ground’. The line would mean the horizon and the M is just slightly beneath it, like if it had grown from it. One part has grown up, while the other has its roots under it.”

“I don’t usually explain my logo meaning too much, but I like how it turned out and successfully met my requirements, it being super simple/minimalistic and recognizable.”

Miguel also created some 3d experiments playing with this logo shape, it’s fun and catchy!

Miguel Trias business card_front
These business cards were screen-printed on two duplexed 350g textured cotton paper, with letterpressed logo on both sides by El Calotipo in Spain.

“This way I was able to achieve a letterpress without affecting the other side,” Miguel said.

A nice contrast of black and white logo on respective sides of the card while keeping things minimal, speaking of simplicity at its best!

Miguel Trias business card

Designed by Miguel Trias

Printed by El Calotipo

For Miguel Trias personal branding

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