Medusa Restaurant business card

Medusa Restaurant Business Card

Nilufar Suleymanzade designed these business cards for Medusa Restaurant, a conceptual branding project for a Mediterranean restaurant.

Nilufar created these business cards as one of the projects given to her and other students at Code Academy School of Design: a concept restaurant branding.

Medusa logo1
Medusa business card1

“I got my inspiration from Mediterranean style. I used mythological character Medusa on the logo of the restaurant. I had also included olive and olive leaves in the pattern,” Nilufar said.

Apart from the eye-catching logo, the typography is well-chosen for that refreshing, authentic brand image. The fonts used including Handicraft (condensed, regular) and Courir.

These business cards are not printed. “If I had the opportunity to open my own restaurant, I would make this concept a reality,” Nilufar added.

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Designed by Nilufar Suleymanzade

For Medusa Restaurant

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