Maz Contemporary Carpentry Business Card

Maz Contemporary Carpentry Business Card

Griselda Martí & Pablo Ávila designed these business cards for Maz, a contemporary carpentry.

“Maz was the second generation of a family business (premium- by its service and quality materials) with a poor and old logotype,” Griselda said.

“Due to that, the company had difficulties to contact with its real targets – interior designers, architects and premium construction companies.”

“Therefore, our aim was to change its image into a quality and contemporary brand through several methods.”

“This includes changing the name from ‘carpentry’ to ‘contemporary carpentry’ for corporate issues and ‘dressing spaces’ for commercial ones.”

“And also, create a new graphic logotype based on two colours – a powerful one (yellow) plus a neutral one that’s related to traditional carpentry uniforms.”


The Printing of Business Cards

The brand name is printed on both sides of the card – with the letter ‘M’ on one side (with contact details) while ‘AZ’ on the other.

The new business card design is both recognizable and modern.

These business cards were printed by Grafiko, a printing company in Barcelona.

To express the brand more effectively, screen printing method was applied onto the Materica Kraft paper, a high quality paper by Fedrigoni.


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 Maz Contemporary Carpentry stationery

Designed by Griselda Martí & Pablo Ávila at Gris. Careful Design

Art direction by Griselda Martí

Naming by Nom-Nam

Photography by Jorge Vidal Orga

Printed by Grafiko

For Maz Contemporary Carpentry

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