MateCaps Business Card

Maximiliano Malisani designed these business cards for MateCaps, a 100% eco friendly hardware device that represents the ultimate mate-tea drinking concept.

MateCaps’s minimalist system has been designed to provide a healthy and natural energizer’s alternative for those working hard at universities, corporation offices, co-working buildings and even homes all over the world.

“The design idea was to create a fresh concept for mate, a very common infusion in my country (Argentina) that in other European countries, to which the brand aims, is not. Therefore, the approach should be friendlier, maintaining elements that refer to the ‘healthy style’ without falling into the classics greens. This would allow us to attract potential customers according to the targeted brand users: young and middle aged people who enjoy healthy products with a cool and trending twist,” Maximiliano said.

These business cards have not been printed yet. Here’s what Maximiliano suggested if they were, “I would recommend using a 300gr recycled paper for card-printing that gives a nice texture feel with a cool matte finish.”


Designed by Maximiliano Malisani

For MateCaps

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