Mason Decorating business cards

Mason Decorating and Renovations Business Card

Ellen Hope designed these business cards for Mason Decorating and Renovations, a company specializes in the painting and decorating trade for over 10 years.

Mason Decorating approached Ellen during the summer for a new brand identity that reflects their new business venture.

According to Ellen, the Monogram (MD) and overall branding was inspired by the visual language of a floor plan, identifying the industry her client works in.

“After working within the decorating trade for 14 years, they wanted to expand their services to include renovations and project management,” Ellen said.

“Their brand begins with a simple and cohesive monogram, based on the visual language of a floor plan, to help identify the variety of services they provide.”

The business card design looks professional and the blue/orange combination is very well executed.

“The chosen colour palette highlights their professionalism and efficiency which is identified through the deep blue shades, while the pop of orange creates a sense of positivity and comfort,” Ellen explained.

These business cards were printed by MOO.


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Mason Decorating and Renovations business card

Designed by Ellen Hope at Melon & Ink

Printed by MOO

For Mason Decorating and Renovations

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