Marie Codina Graphic Designer Business Card

Marie Codina designed these business cards for her self-branding as a multidisciplinary designer and art director from south France (but always travelling).

“Design your own personal business card can be a difficult task, especially when you are a designer, as you have to step away and analyze yourself,” Marie said.

“I tried to stay simple and effective as this is how my design work is, but I wanted my business cards to look funny and attractive. So, I chose to play with typography and the word ‘Hola’ (‘Hello’ in Spanish) —referring to my email and my origins — making all cards with a unique composition on the back side to create like a pattern.”

The unique text arrangements of the word ‘hola’, plus the smiley face on the front design can be a positive, friendly first impression to the prospects.

These business cards were printed on 298gsm recycled cotton paper by MOO, which gives them a cool matte finish and nice textured feel.

Designed by Marie Codina

Printed by MOO

For Marie Codina personal branding

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