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Marianna Stoico Graphic Designer Business Card

Marianna Stoico designed these business cards for her personal branding as a graphic designer, specializing in lettering and wall decorations.

“I deal with the communication of companies and individuals, through the creative use of letters. I combine my manual art skills with digital ones,” Marianna said.

“In fact, I deal with both the graphic design of brands and the creation of decorative murals, always experimenting with the creative use of letters together with abstract shapes and illustrations.”

Marianna Stoico logoMarianna Stoico logo construction


Logo & Pattern Designs

While the logotype is custom made by Marianna, the typeface used for the contact details on the business card is Poppins.

The vibrant patterns are playful and memorable, especially on a black-coloured background.

“The logotype Mari is the nickname by which friends have been calling me for years in the city where I live, which is Rome,” she explained.

“The image on my business card represents a bit of myself and my characteristics, through abstract shapes and colours: like the colours of the sunset, the shape of the sea waves (I was born in Puglia, near the sea), and the shape of my curly hair. All of them represent my passion for creativity and all the arts in general.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The cards would be printed on 350gsm coated paper with matte lamination, to bring out the colours,” Marianna suggested.


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Marianna Stoico business cardsMarianna Stoico branding1Marianna Stoico_1Marianna Stoico patternMarianna Stoico_phone cover

Designed by Marianna Stoico

For Marianna Stoico personal branding

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