Maria Hortelã business cards

Maria Hortelã Fashion Business Card

Navorsky Design Studio designed these business cards for Maria Hortelã, a multi-brand store of women’s clothing and accessories located in the city of Porto Velho, Brazil.

“Maria Hortelã is a fresh, youthful and modern feminine brand. The store serves mainly females, vain women and professionals who are looking for a way to stay young in the busy day-to-day rush,” said Viktor Navorsky, the Founder of the studio.

Speaking more about the brand personality, he continued, “The brand has a light, young and relaxed aura.”

“Its proposals are to offer a friendly environment for the customers, at the same time informal and contemporary.”

Maria Hortelã logoMaria Hortelã business card_1

“As for the brand name, it needs to be authentic as well as the brand proposal. A mix between being unique, exclusive but also accessible.”

The Maria Hortelã concept was born of the necessity to be fresh.

The word, Hortelã, stands for ‘mint’ in Portuguese. Therefore, the colour palette and iconography were all built around this idea.

All in all, this is a delicate and sensational business card design that wows with its clever colour combination and typography.

Besides that, it exudes a calming vibe while positioning itself to be a modern, welcoming brand.

Maria Hortelã business card_2Maria Hortelã brandingMaria Hortelã boxMaria Hortelã bagsMaria Hortela digital mediaMaria Hortela packagingMaria Hortelã ribbonsMaria Hortelã branding2Maria Hortelã business card

Designed by Navorsky Design Studio

For Maria Hortelã

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