Margot & Mila business card

Margot & Mila Jewellery Business Card

Freckle Design created these business cards for Margot & Mila, a UK-based jewellery brand that creates beautiful, delicate pieces inspired by nature and the English countryside.

Margot & Mila, based in Somerset and London, curate one-of-a-kind antique finds and custom jewellery by hand with traditional silversmithing techniques.

Brand Image

Freckle Design was hired by the client for the rebranding project, which included refining the logo and creating a new visual identity for the brand. This gave the brand more depth and personality.

“Every item is handmade and crafted with a lot of love and care, so that artisanal element was something we really wanted to convey through the brand identity and collateral,” said Claudia, the Creative Director of Freckle Design.

Due to that, the business card is designed to express a timeless and elegant vibe, while at the same time having that stylish touch that’s perfectly aligned with the brand’s overall image.

Margot and Mila logo

Typography, Illustration & Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is called Noir et Blanc by Nicky Laatz. According to Claudia, it’s a really elegant and feminine typeface with a lovely balance of structure and fluidity.

Claudia also came up with a series of organic, textured illustrations to bring the inspiration of the outdoors to life.

For the monochromatic colour palette, Claudia explained, “We explored the idea of including some colours in the identity, but ultimately felt that the combination of black, white and some Kraft texture was more confident and impactful.”

“We were also aware that we wanted the jewellery itself to be the focus of any communication, and felt that the restrained palette allowed for that.”

Margot & Mila stationery

Business Card Printing

Choosing the right business card printing technique is essential to bring out the quality of the card.

“At this stage, we’re waiting for a few other bits of the branding to come together before printing. So for now, we’ve just created the card design using a mockup from Mr.Mockup.”

“But if these cards ever go to print, I’d love to get them letterpress printed as using a traditional method would really heighten the artisanal angle. The tactile quality of letterpress would also really complement the tactile nature of jewellery,” Claudia suggested.

Margot & Mila_BusinessCardMargot & Mila GiftCardHolderMargot & Mila_tape

Designed by Freckle Design

For Margot & Mila

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