Maresía Non-Profit Business Card

Maresía Non-Profit Business Card

IRÜBI studio designed these business cards for Maresía, a non-profit association for the promotion of international volunteering and the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Maresía works in an educational project in a village in Nepal, located in Bhaktapur, and also carries out community development activities such as sanitation, recycling, health and hygiene workshops, etc.,” said Irene Martín Samarín, the Graphic Designer at IRÜBI studio.

Regarding the meaning behind the brand name, “Well, I think it is important to say that we are based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, and here we have a special dialect,” Irene explained.

“‘Maresía’ is a Canarian word, the meaning are those drops of water from the sea that travel with the wind and reach inland, to places where the sea does not reach.”

“The inspirations for this project were several: the card shape was inspired by the traditional Nepalese prayer flags moved by the wind.”

“We were also inspired by the stamp on the passports when you travel around, and colours of the environment.”

Maresía Non-Profit Business Cards_3

Besides its unique shape, the business card also has a fascinating back design/icon as well.

The colours and illustrations are designed as such to represent the geographic elements and how they are interconnected to one another.

Same goes to the logotype as well!

Irene said, “Symbolically the icon represents the Teide (highest mountain of Spain, paced in Tenerife), the Everest (the highest peak in the world) and the school in a rural environment where this project begins.”

“In the ‘í’ of Maresía, we find that ‘drop’ that will reach Nepal that has no sea.”

These business cards were custom die-cut and printed 4/1 on 350gr. uncoated paper.


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Designed by IRÜBI studio

For Maresía

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