Marco Inve graphic designer business cards

Marco Inve Graphic Designer Business Card

Marco Inve designed these business cards for his personal branding as a graphic designer and art director based in London.

You may wonder if you’re dizzy or if this an optic illusion – nope, none of that.

It’s actually a ‘wavy’ rebranding done by the creative Marco Inve, who had this special idea while working on another project.

“While experimenting with some new video effects for a client, I started playing with text and motion,” Marco said.

“I found the outcome really interesting which made me think how I could translate this in print and digital.”

“I always wanted something really simple as personal branding. No logotype for me as I was going to tweak it every week and nobody wants to print new cards every week!”

Marco’s business card stands out from the crowd, obviously, despite its simplicity.

“I had the idea to have just one graphic and to repeat this onto all the materials. I started designing the website, then the cards, letterhead and all the rest.”

“It’s just a small design with my name, my email address, my phone number and my website but It’s what people need to contact me if they like my work or if they want to work with me.”

Sometimes you don’t need a lot to stand out, just the right idea! Marco did just that and surely people will remember his creative thinking, ‘outside of the box’ method to get noticed.


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Marco Inve brandingMarco Inve branding2

Designed by Marco Inve

For Marco Inve personal branding

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