Major Mitchell business card

Major Mitchell Winery Business Card

Stephanie Haber designed these business cards for Major Mitchell, a local wine enthusiast based in the Macedon Ranges, Australia.

Major Mitchell winery specialises in both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Given the current climate, these grapes grow best in the area.


The Origin of the Brand Name

The brand owner, Harrison, loves being outside in nature, walking the local tracks in Mount Macedon and admiring all the different species of animals and birds that visit his home.

The brand name, Major Mitchell, was inspired by this, being one of the best lookouts over the Macedon Ranges and one of Harrison’s favourite bird species – the cockatoo – which is a frequent visitor to his home.

“From the business card design, my client wishes to portray the cockatoo bird, which is a native bird in Australia. Major Mitchell is also a lookout with stunning views of Mount Macedon, where the winery is,” Stephanie said.

Major Mitchell logo and illustrations


A Bold and Fun Typography to Stand Out

The typeface used for the logo is Saneron (Regular), and Price Check (Extended) is used for the body text.

“Personally, I love a wiggly typeface. I felt as if this really suited the brand to the fun aesthetic my client wished to portray,” Stephanie explained.

“To make the logo more ‘fun’, I have jumbled up the text, so that it helps to sit better with the illustration by ensuring that none of the text touches the birds’ wings.”

Both of these typefaces are used throughout all branding collateral, including the wine labels, wine boxes etc.

“For the choice of body text, I really wanted a font that had something that was bold and easy to read; something that would be distinguishable to the brand, which, if you look at other winery or wine labels, they usually use typefaces that are more cursive and ‘elegant’.”

“Therefore, this design brings us back to the whole aspect of being a fun brand!”

Major Mitchell wine bottles


Special Feature: Cockatoo Illustration & Pink Colour

The main illustration on the business card is the Major Mitchell Cockatoo – head and wings, which is then surrounded by squiggly and bubbly shapes.

According to Stephanie, these are to create an aesthetic pattern which really suits the brand’s vibe.

“The colour palette used for the illustration is referenced to Major Mitchell’s crest. On the business cards, the colours are those like the hues of the feathers on the Major Mitchell cockatoo (especially the crest).”

“My client really wanted to portray a bright-fun aesthetic for the brand. The colours used are very bright and distinctive, creating a memorable design, and the business cards that would definitely stand out.”


Printing of Business Cards

When it comes to card-printing, Stephanie suggested printing the business cards at Fast Printing which offers a range of different printing techniques and card stock.

“The business cards should be printed on a heavy card stock (600gsm soft cotton) with letterpress for the cockatoo illustration and logo text.”

“If the client wishes, I’d also suggest some foiling to really make the cockatoo stand out,” she added.


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Designed by Stephanie Haber at Half Moon Creative

For Major Mitchell Winery

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