Maison N business cards

Maison N. Deco Business Card

Elizabeth Jaouen designed these business cards for Maison N., a vintage déco store owned by Nolwenn Floure. It sells unique and vintage goods but also some decorations made by local creators.

“Nolwenn wanted something unique and wanted to express her passion for ancient styles such as the Victorian,” Elizabeth explained when asked about the design inspiration behind the visual identity.

Maison N Wrapped Gift
“Other than furnitures, she also loves this style represented in architecture. The logo is based on a Victorian style house drawn in just one continued line, which represents her attention from the beginning (buying goods) to the end (selling the product).”

According to Elizabeth, the typography needs to go with all these aspects, so Amadeo (the font type) was chosen to keep the hand-made aspects of the logo, in contrast with the baseline type named Room.

MaisonN business card_frontMaisonN business card_back
“A pattern was also created as a part of its visual identity. The furnitures were also drawn in one continued line and they are the main furnitures Maison N. sold online,” Elizabeth added.

These business cards were printed on 100% cotton paper by Moo.

MaisonN_card2 MaisonN_cardMaison N Stamp

Designed by Elizabeth Jaouen

Printed by MOO

For Maison N.

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