Lupine business card

Lupine Umbrella Business Card

Max Hofert designed these business cards for Lupine, a European Umbrella company.

“This project was actually a conceptual portfolio project that I created. I wanted to create an umbrella company that got people excited to be out in the rain and expressing themselves through the use of their eclectic umbrellas,” Max said.

The umbrella category is fairly dreary and plain, so Max wanted to create a package that teased a fresh rain experience.

Lupine packaging design

“The logotype is simple, but drives the umbrella concept forward and can be used in several different extensions. The tagline I created to speak to the brand strategy is ‘Rain On Your Parade’. Umbrellas deserve fun too!”

Explaining more about the typography and colours used in the branding project, Max continued, “The logo mark was designed to mimic the shape of an umbrella, providing shelter. The font used for the logomark and type is Agrandir by Pangram Pangram Foundry. The colour palette remains earthy, but energetic, lightening up any rainy day.”

An interesting concept that shows how a unique idea can breathe new life into a regular, day-to-day product!

Lupine business cardLupine cardsLupine envelopeLupine packaging design2

Designed by Max Hofert

For Lupine

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