Luna Amarillis Business Card

Luna Amarillis Jewellery Business Card

Valentina Di Blase designed these elegant business cards for an Italian handmade jewellery’s brand, Luna Amarillis.

Valentina had converted the original logo of the brand, a Greek statue wearing a golden lace, into a vectorial illustration. She played with the main lines, communicating elegance and improving the gold lace around the statue’s neck, turning it into the whole composition’s focus point.

With the illustration stood perfectly in the centre of the blank space, the client’s website address was added right beneath it.

For the card-printing, Valentina had suggested the use of a glossy white paper with golden border (edge gilded) for the printing of the business cards.

While the client loved the idea, she opted to use a more crafted paper instead in order to give the brand a more handmade sensation, thus more consistent to the brand insight.

Luna Amarillis Business CardLuna Amarillis Business Card

Designed by Valentina Di Blase

For Luna Amarillis

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