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Luizzo Terrazzo Business Card

Design Studio B.O.B. designed these business cards for Luizzo, a company based in Düsseldorf that sells Italian-made terrazzo tiles, furniture and accessories.

The vertical business card design is further enhanced by letterpressed patterns and a custom logotype. The design aimed to convey a sustainable, Italian, and luxurious brand image.

Luizzo is a modern interpretation of traditional craftsmanship in the form of furniture and accessories. It makes terrazzo furniture and décor that’s made in an ethical way by using only sustainable materials from local producers.

Each product is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

Luizzo terrazo logo


Logo Design & Colour Palette

The typography for the logotype “LUIZZO” was custom-designed. It was inspired by the product itself and the ancient history that surrounds it.

“Terrazzo is one of the oldest man-made materials, and it was used to decorate some of the most precious buildings in ancient Rome,” said Lilly Friedeberg, the co-founder of B.O.B. studio.

“As such, the custom logotype was inspired by some of the most typical geometrical shapes of Roman architecture, such as arches and pillars or columns.”

“For the brand’s color palette, they were inspired by the natural color of the material itself and underline the closeness to nature of this brand.”

A total of four colors are used for this brand: dark brown, olive-green, dusty rose and cotton.

LUIZZO logo constructionLuizzo terrazo business card_qr code


Geometric Patterns and QR Code

One of the most eye-catching features of the business card is none other than the half-hexagonal door-like pattern.

Similar to the logotype, the pattern design incorporates the client’s product shapes with a nod to classical Roman architecture.

Lilly explained, “LUIZZO uses geometric 2D shapes (squares, circles and hexagons) and creates wonderful 3D interior objects out of them.”

“In the same way, the icon takes the form of an arch combined with a hexagon and duplicates it, just like several arches placed behind one another to create depth and the impression of a room.”

The business card also features a QR code that links to the owner’s additional contact details and social media profiles. A great idea to extend the reach to more prospects.

Luizzo hexagonal arch_business card


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Letterpress 77, a printing company based in Düsseldorf.

“We used 2 GMUND papers for each business card that are glued together,” Lilly said.

“The front is brown or green, while the back is cream colored. Both sides are embossed with letterpress.”

“The logo and icon on the front are printed one shape darker than the paper color to highlight the shapes.”

In sum, this is a timeless and modern duplex business card that will surely make a lasting impression.


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Designed by Design Studio B.O.B.

Printed by Letterpress 77

For Luizzo

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