Luís Barata Graphic Designer Business Card

Luís Barata designed these business cards for his self-branding as a designer and illustrator based in Portugal.

“I use my brand name, Plaz, to communicate my work as a designer and illustrator. As these areas are strongly connected but are different at the same time, I tried to create something that could fit both of them,” Luís said.

“In my creative process through my graphic design projects, I love to keep things simple and elegant yet with a strong personality. I guess that a logotype based on a unique typography would be a truly effective way to put those theories in practice, therefore a clean word with the rearranged characters and the exclamation mark ‘!’ at the end would work just fine.”

Luís Barata branding
Explaining further of the card design, he said, “For my business cards, I use them to communicate with potential clients for both graphic design and illustration. Therefore, I followed my philosophy of keeping things simple and elegant, yet very distinctive. It’s all about good typography, a well thought colour scheme and a simple brush stroke that would give people a hint about what I do beside lines and characters.”

These business cards were printed on 400gsm board with a matte laminate finish by Awesome Merchandise, a company located in Leeds, UK.

Luís Barata business cards

Designed by Luís Barata

Printed by Awesome Merchandise

For Luís Barata personal branding

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