Lucía Torner business card

Lucía Torner Conservator Business Card

Cherry Bomb Creative designed these business cards for Lucía Torner, an independent conservator of books, archival materials and works on paper. She helps individuals and institutions to preserve their treasures.

Lucía approached Cherry Bomb Creative for the branding project, hoping to create a modern and feminine brand that reflects her dedicated and special work with the objects and treasures that she preserves.

Lucía Torner logoLucía Torner branding
“Lucía Torner is an art restorer specialized in the treatment of works on paper, so our creative concept is thought about her interaction with materials, such as books, cotton swabs and various brushes, the latter two, her daily tools in the treatment of works,” said the Graphic Designer at Cherry Bomb Creative.

“So we made the geometric abstraction of these materials, for example, for the opening of a book, we represented it with a half-circle, which we would see in the leaves and base of the spine.”

Lucía Torner logoLucía Torner geometric shapes
“As for the cotton swab and its importance to place any substrate, we represented it with the capsule shape. Finally, the brush, we represented it with the circle, by the touch that the bristles would emulate when touching the canvas or paper.”

According to Cherry Bomb Creative, the colour palette used in the visual identity was inspired by art and its tools. Here are the insights: blue for art, ocher for artisan techniques and pink for the delicacy with which each piece is handled.

Lucía Torner business cardLucía Torner stationeryLucía Torner invoice and fileLucía Torner letterheadLucía Torner website

Designed by Cherry Bomb Creative Co.

For Lucía Torner

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