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L’sød Dessert Coffee Business Card

Sheena (or Fan-Yi Chen) designed these business cards for L’sød, a dessert coffee brand based in Taiwan.

L’sød specializes in handmade desserts made by the shop owner, who’s particular about the quality of the ingredients used. At the same time, it has a simple yet warm interior design with a few carefully chosen materials that exudes a luxury vibe.

“The goal was to create a boutique in the coffee and dessert industry that’s both low-key and unassuming in texture,” Sheena said.

L’sød dessert coffee interior design


The Origin of the Brand Name “L’sød”

The company name L’sød is the combination of the brand owner’s initial (Lancelot) and the word “sød”, it means “Lancelot’s dessert”.

The business card design is minimal, with a subtle colour while using special typography and printing methods to make an impression.

Sheena said, “I hope that people can feel the brand’s requirements for details through the business card.”

“Just like the desserts made by the chef, it is not overly decorated, and there is no gorgeous and eye-catching appearance, but it will be unforgettable after tasting.”

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Elegant & Versatile Logo

The logo features the brand letter ‘L’sød’ as a graphic design element. According to Sheena, it also seems to represent not only L’sød, but also a life that’s inseparable from coffee.

“As long as you hold a cup of coffee in your hand, you can enjoy a good time anywhere while sitting.”

“This flexible system of expressive composition can be used in a variety of applications to establish a unified brand identity.”

L’sød logo


The Handwritten Font & Minimal Colour Palette

The typography for the logotype has been readjusted based on a typeface called Windy Wood Demo.

Apart from that, a handwritten font is used for the owner’s name, adding visual interest and style to the overall design.

The business card design uses a cement grey and black colour combination to better present the texture of specialty coffee in a more subtle way.

“The overall vision creates a noble and low-key simplicity through cement grey and strong black. Don’t add too much information to your typography and give your business card the most original and minimal look.”


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Paper Choice & Embossed Printing for Exquisiteness

The business cards were printed via a black matte hot stamping and embossing printing technique.

The business cards also use recycled paper that’s environmentally friendly to promote environmental protection awareness.

To achieve the desired look and feel, L’sød’s business cards use Jinnyang paper’s Japanese renewable green energy cards, weighing 550gsm.

“Jy paper’s Japanese Renewable Green Energy Cards are made from 100% recycled paper. The paper has a slight blanket pattern, excellent stiffness and printability,” Sheena explained.

“The unique warmth and energy of recycled paper spread to the fingertips, perfectly conveying the brand’s passion and energy for desserts.”

L’sød’s menu was printed on GMUND Heidi Fog Grey 530gsm paper stock using the letterpress printing technique.

L’sød business cardL’sød dessert coffee menu2L’sød dessert coffee menuCold Brew Coffee Label MockupL’sød desserts_logo L’sød dessert coffee sign L’sød cup and interior

Designed by Sheena (Fan-Yi Chen)

For L’sød

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