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Lots of Love Florist Business Card

Kira Bausch designed these business cards for Lots of Love, an event and wedding florist based in Los Angeles.

Lots of Love provides artisan floral design and flower arrangements that bring you love and delight for weddings, events, and even personal homes.


The Rose in the Sophisticated Logo

From the business card design, one can sense the elegance and classy vibe.

The logo features a rose and it was beautifully integrated as part of the brand name — the letter “f” of the word “of”. It’s on both sides of the business card, giving off the romantic and feminine vibe that associated with the brand.

“The goal of the design was to create an identity that combines high quality with a personal touch,” Kira said.

“Specialized in bohemian weddings and famous for its boho flower arrangements, the rose was the perfect symbol to incorporate into the logo as it stands for sophistication; in which elegance is associated with weddings and a link to the brand name.”

Lots of Love logoLots of love business cards


Timeless Typography & Natural Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is Moneta, a timeless serif font. Kira paired it with a script font named Sidecar in order to make the visual identity stand out more.

Sidebar is a type of handwritten font that appears casual and friendly. Not only does it enhance the artistic appeal of the business card, but it is also effective in keeping the contrast of the typography.

Kira opted for a nude colour palette instead of a colourful one. She explained, “As this florist works most with natural colours and dried flowers, it wasn’t quite easy to come up with a colour scheme that aligns with the client’s work.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on thick and luxurious Gmund Cotton paper.

“We went for letterpress printing to make the business cards a tactile experience but still keep the natural look,” Kira said.


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Designed by Kira Bausch

For Lots of Love

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