Los Coyote business cards

Los Coyotes Mezcal Business Card

Estudio Albino designed these business cards for Los Coyotes, a high-quality, intensely flavored mezcal* from Mexico.

The idea of the business card is to express a premium and high-quality brand image. The bold characters are exceptionally eye-catching with a touch of gold foil printing.

The business cards succeed in portraying the full complexity of the identity through contrast – the premium finishes and the almost rustic material of the cards.

(*Mezcal is a distilled liquor obtained from the agave plant.)


The Coyotes’ Illustrations

Estudio Albino says that the brand tries to capture the spirit of the coyote, which is a kind of nocturnal animal.

“Coyotes are cunning, discreet, silent animals that dominate the night, revere the moon and the mysticism that surrounds it.”

“Los Coyotes 1810 lets your mind and spirit go free and revitalize you with vitality and youth.”

The logotype and packaging designs were both inspired by the coyotes’ nightly ritual of roaming free under the moonlight.

“The tall, solid font represents a strong, high-quality flavor, and the illustration represents the coyotes revering and caring for it.”

Los Coyote illustrations


Bold Typography and Monogram

The typeface used for the logo is custom-designed with a retro vibe.

“We wanted the typography to represent the high quality of mezcal but at the same time to maintain a connection with its place of origin,” said Estudio Albino.

Apart from the stunning logotype, there’s also a monogram created, which can be seen on the company’s coasters.

“Its circular shape gave us the opportunity to capture the story of these coyotes that go around in a circle trying to reach the moon.”

Los Coyote logoLos Coyote business cards and coasters


Color Palette & Business Card Printing

Besides gold, dark blue and brown tones are mainly used for the business cards.

“We wanted the identity in general to have that premium look, but at the same time to recall the place where it comes from.”

“With this color combination, we managed to have the perfect balance between a modern and elegant identity while respecting its origin.”

These business cards were printed by Full American Graphics on a high-quality uncoated paper called Tintoretto with a gold foil printing technique.


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Designed by Estudio Albino

Printed by Full American Graphics

For Los Coyotes

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