Lok Row kids clothing business cards

Lok Row Kids Clothing Business Card: Confidence & Style

Marta Villegas designed these business cards for Lok Row, a kid’s clothing and supply depot aimed at helping kids develop a strong sense of confidence.

Lok Row aimed to celebrate the vibrant spirit and unique style of kids’ fashion. From the eye-catching logo to the carefully curated colours, fonts, and visuals, every element was meticulously designed to make this kid’s clothing brand shine like no other.


Brand Image

According to Marta, the brand opted to go in a direction that reflects the importance of individuality and self-esteem in kids. It wanted to encourage children to express themselves and stand out from the crowd.

As part of the creative direction and strategy behind this brand, Marta wanted to achieve a sense of playfulness, creativity and excitement while also appealing to parents who are looking for high quality, stylish clothing for their kids.

Lok Row’s business card design shows the perfect balance between high quality and playful vibes. From the moment one lays eyes on them, they are bound to be impressed by the creativity that is impossible to ignore!


Symbol & Logo Design

For the brand’s symbol, Marta illustrated a cute and colourful chameleon.

Just like its amazing ability to adapt to different environments by changing colours, Lok Row encourages kids to embrace their uniqueness. It’s a visual metaphor that transcends mere aesthetics. It’s a message, an invitation to stand out from the crowd!

To achieve a more cohesive branding, Marta incorporated a subtle reference to a chameleon tail into the letter “O.” This addition not only makes the logo entirely unique but also adds a touch of elegance.

Marta took it a step further by customising other letters in the logotype, such as “K” and “R,” resulting in a unique, minimalistic and refined logotype.

Throughout the development of other logo variations, Marta made sure that the wavy/swirling effect was present to give each version a unique and dynamic look.

Lok Row kids clothing logos


Colours & Multiversions

Marta cleverly used vibrant colours for the chameleon symbol and black/beige for the background. This creates a beautiful contrast to attract attention while putting the focus on the brand’s chameleon symbol.

It’s about embodying the very essence of Lok Row – a brand that embraces self-esteem, uniqueness and versatility while remaining fashionable and colourful.

The business cards come in two versions: typographic and illustrative styles. Both of them highlight the use of the letter “O” with that delightful swirling chameleon tail for that much-needed visual impact.

So, there you have it! This business card design not only showcases how creativity meets confidence but also demonstrates how to be stylish and memorable at the same time.


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Designed by Marta Villegas

For Lok Row

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