Loft Architecture business cards

Loft Architecture & Interior Business Card

Studio Blumer designed these business cards for Loft, an architecture and interior design firm based in Limeira, in the heart of São Paulo.

Loft was founded by two friends who shared a common interest in architecture.

The brand aims to improve customers’ lives through the beauty, comfort and functionality of its services.

Loft’s business card is designed to bring personality, originality while still projecting a professional and contemporary brand image.


The Brand Concept

The concept of LOFT are architectural projects inspired by the style of living that was born in New York in the 1970s.

Some characteristics that distinguish New York lofts from others include the absence of partitions, high ceilings, large windows, wooden or iron mezzanines, and cargo elevators.

The interior was heavily inspired by 1920s loft designs by French architect Le Corbusier.

Based on this, Studio Blumer looked for visual concepts that fit the references sent by the client.

They combined the concepts of loft with organic architecture (an idea based on nature in which buildings are an integral part of the environment) to compose and bring personality to the project, and the result was exceptional!


Logo Design & Typography

A typographic pattern with industrial style was used in referring to the loft concept warehouses.

The typeface used for the logo is Maragsa, while the subtitles are in SemiBold and the body text is Roboto Regular.

Studio Blumer also incorporated several interesting details within the logotype.

For instance, the letter “o” with a dash below was elevated higher than the rest, referring to the mezzanine space – a striking feature in the loft concept.

To emphasize the idea of being among the city’s pioneers, the combination of lowercase letters “l” and “o” is meant to be seen as a numeral: 1°

Loft Architecture logo_2


Pattern Design

The business cards feature a curvy line in expressing a clean and creative identity.

Studio Blumer described it as a versatile (standard) pattern, along with the organic shapes, where there’s no rule of fittings or limitations, as well as the loft concept.

You can see the same elements been used in various ways to compose the visual identity system on other brand applications, as long as the standard is maintained.

A second pattern with the logo’s outline was created to refer the lines of the architectural projects.

Loft Architecture patterns


Colour Palette

Dark green and white are used prominently on both sides of the business card, with soft colours in the midst.

According to Studio Blumer, the project had a concept that was very connected to the “urban jungle” trend, and that was a strand to have as a guide in creation.

The colours were a physicalization of these contexts and also of the interior and architectural segments.

This gave an aesthetic and harmonious sense that could convey the idea and, at the same time, break architectural design paradigms with the same visual stories.


The Printing of Business Cards

The business cards are mockups, but in reality, they were printed on Couchê Paper 300g with matte and spot UV lamination.

Other Specifications:

Dimension: 9x5cm standard size in Brazil
Color mode: 4×4 (front and back)
UV located: (front) lines + logo / (back) logo

Overall, this is a clean and effective business card design that helps the brand stand out from competitors.


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Designed by Studio Blumer

For Loft

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