Lobby Alterna Cafe business cards

Lobby Alterna Café Business Card

Giorgos Stathopoulos designed these business cards for Lobby Alterna Café, a coffee bar based in Greece.

This coffee-themed business card idea was heavily inspired by the botanical elements. The same goes for the interior design of the coffee bar itself.

“My client wanted to portray the floral elements through the business card design,” Giorgos said.

Lobby Alterna Cafe stationery


Logo Design

The business card design is minimalist with a striking logo at the centre.

Matching the sans serif “Lobby” with a lettering “alterna café” gives the logo a stylish visual interest while putting the main focus on the word “Lobby.”

“The interior design of the café consists of floral elements,” Giorgos explained. “So, the logo was created based on the aesthetics of the café.”

“For the monogram, I used the first two letters of the word “Lobby” and designed it so that it incorporated minimalism and floral elements.”

Lobby Alterna Cafe logos


Typography & Floral Illustrations

The typeface used for the logotype is Rosie, a bold and modern sans serif font that’s well suited for the brand.

“The main font was chosen as it complements the store’s vibe perfectly. The owner really likes it and uses it in the menus and other branding materials as well.” Giorgos said.

Both the illustrations and colour palette selected for the business cards also match the café’s interior design and style.

Unlike most of the business cards, where the illustrations were found abundantly on the back of the card along with the logo, in this case, they can be seen on the contact info side of the card instead!

The drawings are placed behind the framed-like contact info with enough negative space around them, making the business cards look even more unique and eye-catching.


The Printing of Business Cards

While the images shown are mockups, Giorgos said that the business cards were actually printed on a heavy recycled paper stock with spot UV on the logo.

Overall, this is a clean and elegant business card design with a lovely, natural vibe!


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Designed by Giorgos Stathopoulos

For Lobby Alterna Café

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