Lize Designs business card

Lize Graphic Designer Business Card

Lize Designs designed these business cards for her personal branding as a graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Lize Designs is a colourful and creative branding and design studio, focused on building strategic brands through a fun and BS-free approach.

The business card design is unique with wavy edges and nice contrast. There’s also a self-portrait that adds a personal touch to the overall branding.

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“My business card is fun and quirky, which is what my business is as a whole. My business cards have been designed to spark initial interest with potential clients and other designers,” Lize said.

Explaining her design process and inspiration, Lize said, “I had been struggling with my personal brand for a while. I was working on building a typeface for another personal project. I then started playing around with this typeface and my new logo was born. It feels really ‘me’ because it’s bold, but still fun and a little quirky.”

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“The colour palette is much the same – being bright, bold and captures the attention of my clients, showing the kind of work I want to be doing and can do for them!”

These business cards were printed by HHHI, a small printing company based out of New Zealand, which according to Lize, is known for their special printing technique.

“The company used bright colours and bold fonts, so they really caught my attention.”

“The cards were die cut to get the squiggly edges and were printed on paper with a beautiful organic, uncoated texture. I was so stoked with the final result!” Lize complimented.


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Designed by Lize Designs

Printed by HHHI

For Lize Designs personal branding

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