Lights of Paradise business cards

Lights of Paradise Handcrafted Candles Business Card

Studio Unika designed these business cards for Lights of Paradise, a sustainable brand making handcrafted candles in the heart of Bali.

Studio Unika managed the branding project including designing the brand’s product labels, stationery and digital look.

The business cards are designed to convey the concept of handmade and craftsmanship, and also, the nu-esoteric vibe of the young Bali crowd.

Lights of Paradise packaging

“The illustration and typography were inspired by the Balinese mysticism and spirituality, while the colours were chosen to portray the brand’s slow and sustainable approach,” explained the Graphic Designer at Studio Unika.

“The illustration serves as a reminder that we have control over our own fate; the light is in our hands to be lit. Especially for Bali, where many people come to start a new life. That’s why in the center of the light, you find the palm tree and the waves.”

Lights of Paradise candles

“The brand’s colour palette was inspired by the colours and scents used to make the candles. We thought pink was the more ‘enlightened’ colour because the others were too dark.”

The typography used in the visual identity are Honda and Talisman. The visual system portrays Lights of Paradise as a young, modern, and conscious brand that prioritises quality, aesthetics and values in its products.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, Studio Unika suggested to have them digitally printed on G.F Smith Colorplan Vellum White paper.

Lights of Paradise business cardLights of Paradise_1Lights of Paradise boxes Lights of Paradise boxLights of Paradise boxes

Designed by Studio Unika

For Lights of Paradise

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