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Lieza Restaurant Business Card

Storm Slash Studio designed these business cards for Lieza, a Singapore-based restaurant founded by Renata Lo Duca to introduce new and bold traditional Italian culinary styles to the countries where she lives.


Logo & Naming

The logo design is stylish and versatile and it’s the focal point of the business card design.

According to Ha Phan Nguyen, the founder of Storm Slash Studio, the logo was inspired by the name of the owner’s daughter, Lieza.

It was important for the logo design to represent elements such as balance, strength, refinement and luxury.

“We researched the name ‘Lieza’ including its meaning to show its features and properties on the logo.”

“What we found out is that, people with the name Lieza tend to be charismatic, bold and sociable.”

“They are also adaptable to change, and enjoy being in bright, colourful surroundings.”

“With a gift of communication, they are also inspirational and cheerful optimists.”

“So, we created the logo and branding for Lieza with the goal of showcasing balance, certainty, and flexibility through a wide variety of media products, including those used on social media platforms.”

“That way, we could get more people to interact with the brand and bring certain benefits and values to the company.”

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The typefaces used on the business card include Vicenza for the name of the restaurant owner, and Sk-Modernist for the body text.

Vicenza is a tall typeface with an antique classic style that goes well with the restaurant’s Italian-themed décor and food menu.

“We wanted the brand to exude Italian vibe with a classic, luxurious and cultural style,” Ha Phan said.

“Every detail on the products is arranged and designed to create a feeling of harmony, delicate, and gentleness.”

As for Sk-Modernist, it’s the perfect sans serif font choice for a clean and minimalist design. It’s also a nice counterpoint to Vicenza’s elegant serif font.


Colour Palette

The two main colours used in the visual identity are Yankee Blue and Tumbleweed.

“When combined, these two colours can express elegance while being contemporary,” Ha Phan explained.

“They are great for the design layouts that we came up with.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “We’d recommend Keaykolour‘s uncoated paper 250g with royal blue colour, and the logo would be embossed,” he added.


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Designed by Storm Slash Studio

For Lieza Restaurant

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