Lianna Defleur tattoo artist business cards

Lianna Defleur Tattoo Artist Business Card

Ulysses Design Co. designed these business cards for Lianna Defleur, a tattoo artist based in Oakland, California.

The tattoo artist’s business card design is delicate, with hand-drawn elements that help to convey the natural aesthetic of the brand itself.

Ulysses Design Co. did an excellent job with the business card as part of the rebranding project, emphasizing the brand’s modern, feminine, and botanical style.

Lianna Defleur tattoo_signage


A Feminine and Modern Brand Image

According to Paul Lilley, the brand design specialist at Ulysses Design, the client wanted to give her already successful tattoo business a more recognizable and cohesive identity.

The brand owner’s values support female empowerment, self-love and body positivity.

To present them in the branding, Ulysses Design Co. sketched a woman adorned in Lianna’s signature botanical-style tattoos, clutching a flower as an extra nod to this theme.

“I used a combination of a delicate script and a bespoke sans serif font to pull everything together and appeal to the target audience,” Paul said.

“The outcomes were an arch-shaped logo, a circular badge, and a character drawing.”

Lianna Defleur tattoo artist_arch


A Script Typeface and Self Portrait Illustration

The typeface used for the logotype is Highline by Nienowbrand, and the body text is Mayhena monoline script by Artefak Project.

Paul explained, “We wanted the brand identity to have a hand-drawn, organic feel to represent Lianna De Fleur’s elegant approach to tattooing.”

“To accomplish this, we chose two complimentary fonts that both have an inky feel to them. The rounded version of Highline by Niewnowbrand gives a luxury feel to the logotype.”

“The monoline script Mayhena by Artefak project for the body copy gives the feeling of a handwritten tattoo appointment card.”

The lady illustration on the business card was meant to fit with the brand’s theme, and it’s also an artistic interpretation of Lianna, the brand owner herself.

“The illustration shows a playful portrait of the tattoo artist and the style she works in.”

“Flowers and astrology (stars) are common themes in her work, so we wanted to represent them in the brandmark.”

Lianna Defleur tattoo_logo


Neutral Colour Palette

Ulysses Design Co. used a natural, feminine colour palette to represent the natural beauty and self-love of Lianna’s clients.

“We wanted the business card to be collectible and to jump off the counter into the user’s wallet,” Paul remarked.

To reflect the client’s values and the purity of the human form, Paul worked primarily in neutral, skin-toned colours.

“We felt these natural tones were alluring enough to grab attention but mellow enough for the contact info to be easily digested.”


The Business Card Layout and Printing

The business card has one side with a vertical layout and another with a horizontal layout for the contact details.

“Tattoo artists are rule breakers. Hence, we wanted to create an unconventional business card layout to represent this theme,” Paul said.

“The vertical branding lockup naturally lent itself to a portrait layout, while the cursive handwriting felt more suited to landscape layout, as if Lianna had hand-scribbled it down herself.”

These business cards were printed on high-quality, 200gsm, matte stock.


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Designed by Ulysses Design Co.

For Lianna Defleur

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