Lewis Lopez graphic designer business card

Lewis Lopez Graphic Designer Business Card

Lewis Lopez designed these business cards for his personal branding as a digital art director and web designer.

According to Lewis, the idea was to convey a little experience in a simple object to make it look unique at the first impression.

“In order to take care of every single element and every detail, I thought of an artisanal process: I’ve entrusted a friend of Mubien Studio, craftsman masters from Santander, who has followed step by step the realization of the handmade print I was looking for,” said Lewis.

Lewis used his initials (L+L) as the inspiration of the logo.

Yellow texts were used to emphasize professional title on the cards; while the thin font was used to bring focus on the important contact details, such as the phone number and email address.

These business cards were handmade production of double-sided printed cards, with embossing and striking on Gmund Colors Matt 50 laminated cardboard, enhanced by yellow edge painting.

Here comes the final touch! To create that spectacular ‘shining’ effect during photo-shoot, Lewis turned off all the lights and enlightened the cards with a white neon light to shine at the yellow edges – that’s how everything got illuminated as seen in the pictures below. Stunning!


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Designed by Lewis Lopez

Printed by Mubien Studio

For Lewis Lopez personal-branding

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