LeTufting Business Card

LeTufting Rug-Making Business Card

Nazli designed these business cards for LeTufting, a brand that offers rug-making tools and materials based in Nice, France.

The business card design is colourful with interesting geometric icons based on tufting tools.

LeTufting provides everything you need to make your own tufted cushions, rugs, wall decorations and more with a tufting gun.

Also, a blog with helpful information and tips for producing quality tufted creations.


A Fun and Bold Brand Image

“The business card design aims to showcase its colourful, bold and happy nature through playful geometric shapes that resemble tufted pieces,” Nazli said.

“We wanted to keep things simple, but with a burst of colour throughout the design.”


Logo Design

The submark logo, which is included in the pattern within the business card design, is actually formed of the letters “L” and “T,” which stand for “LeTufting.” A perfect formation of the brand’s monogram!

“After much exploration during the design process, I was able to come up with a design with these two letters that resembled the shape of a tufting gun – a tool that tufters use to create rugs,” Nazli said.

LeTufting logo


A Modern Typography

The typeface used is called Roc Grotesk, and it was used for all the text on the business card.

Nazli and her client decided to go for a sans serif typeface that is modern but still quite playful in its nature.


Illustrations and Geometric Patterns

There is no question that the geometric patterns are an integral part of this visual identity, as they can be seen in almost all of the brand collaterals.

Even the logo design had been incorporated seamlessly alongside other geometric icons.

“The illustrations used in the brand pattern resemble tufted rugs and all the funky shapes that you may find within tufted designs,” Nazli explained.

“We used a black outline around the shapes to keep things clean and uniform, whilst maintaining that bold feel that my client was after.”

LeTufting illustration_pattern


Vibrant Colour Palette

The brand colours are formed by five bright colours, which, according to Nazli, complement each other without being too overwhelming within the design itself.

“We used lilac throughout a lot of branding, especially as the background colour, as it worked well with the rest of the colours in the palette.”

“I decided to use white as the background colour for the reverse side of the business card to allow the reader to view the text easily.”

Not only that, each of the contact info is highlighted in a distinctive brand colour, providing visual contrast and making them easy to distinguish from one another.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards have not yet been printed, but if they were, Nazli recommended printing them on premium matte cardstock with a standard finish.

According to Nazli, no special finishes would be applied to the business cards because the design is primarily focused on the brand pattern, which is bold enough as a standalone element.


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Designed by Nazli at Li Made It

For LeTufting

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