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LEGG Furniture Business Card

Pedro Paulino and Sérgio Fonseca designed these business cards for Legg, a Brazilian furniture brand dedicated to meeting customers’ needs and desires to seek originality and practicality in design.

Legg’s furniture reflects the unique lifestyles and personalities of its customers, resulting in trendsetting designs that express true style and sophistication.

In responding to the brand’s vision, Pedro and Sérgio came up with an eye-catching business card design that showcases its modern and timeless aesthetic.


Logo Design

Inspired by Legg’s timeless and functional design, Pedro and Sérgio skillfully direct the spotlight to what really needs to be exposed with greater relevance: the incredible furniture.

The brand name, Legg, is an abbreviation that combines the meanings of “legna” (“wood” in Italian), “legacy” and “leg”.

This clever fusion reflects Legg’s commitment to creating unprecedented designs and surpassing expectations, while paying homage to one of the core elements of their products: wood.

legg furniture_branding


Typography and Colour Palette

You may have noticed that the bold workmark is the most prominent design on the business card. It was custom-designed by Pedro and Sérgio exclusively for the client.

The wordmark was created from well-defined modular shapes, resulting in capital and elongated letters that exude the necessary magnificence and grandeur.

Notably, the first “G” in the wordmark stands out, representing Legg’s contemporary and avant-garde spirit—a nod to its relentless pursuit of groundbreaking design.

Legg’s business cards come in multiple colour variations. While Legg’s main colours revolve around the simplicity and clarity of black and white, the secondary colours are used to highlight the materials present in the brand’s products.

These same colours are incorporated into the business card designs, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious representation.

Pedro clarified that the intention is not to mimic the exact materials but to find natural elements with their own shapes, colours, and textures that complement the overall aesthetic.

The goal is to maintain the naturalness of these materials without significantly altering them.


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on Materica, a recycled paper from Fedrigoni.

The printing process utilised the silk screen printing technique in 1×1 colour (Pantone Black).

From the striking wordmark to the carefully selected colours, every element of Legg’s business card is designed to showcase the distinctiveness and remarkable furniture that the brand represents.


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Designed by Pedro Paulino and Sérgio Fonseca


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