Legacy Trucking BusinessCard

Legacy Trucking Transportation Business Card

Max Hofert designed these business cards for Legacy Trucking, a construction supply and transportation company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“Legacy Trucking has over 100-years of heritage in the family’s brand. They have supplied and transported concrete, metal, and other building supplies to their local community for several decades, and they’re proud of it,” Max said.

“We wanted to create a visual clash between the 100-year family heritage and modern typographic expression and layout. We wanted the identity to immediately induce nostalgia.”

Legacy Trucking logo

Speaking of the typography design, Max continued, “The FJM monogram is an ode to the original founder whose initials are FJM. The main logotype was created from Palm Canyon Drive monoline by Hoodzpah Design in California. The secondary typeface is a rich hand-drawn sans serif designed by Brandon Nickerson.”

These business cards are not printed but according to Max, it was suggested to the client that the cards be printed on thick 32pt weight, with a matte finish, allowing the rich colour palette to do the talking.

Legacy Trucking business card_Legacy Trucking business cards_Legacy Trucking logo2Legacy Trucking officeLegacy Trucking postersLegacy Trucking billboard

Designed by Max Hofert

For Legacy Trucking

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