Léaina business card

Léaina Perfume Business Card

Eva designed these business cards for Léaina, a perfume brand.

“The brand name, Léaina, means ‘lioness’ in Greek. I wanted to create a strong, unique and luxurious feminine brand that can portray the essence of being a woman,” Eva said.

“I created a slogan that follows the whole identity as well, which is, ‘Find yourself. Be true lioness’.”

Léaina product


Logo & Pattern Design

The primary mark is a lioness caught in the movement with a spark symbol above her.

Explaining the meaning behind it, Eva said, “I’ve chosen the spark symbol because it’s connected to both perfume and the feeling when someone uses it.”

“It’s also the glowing symbol for something/someone in the rising, just like all the women who use the perfume.”

Leaina logo


Colours & Typography

According to Eva, Léaina is for women who know what they want. The mission of the brand is to empower women to embrace themselves and their femininity.

“This bottle of perfume is one step closer to achieving their goal. I combined beige with gold foil to make it subtle, but elegant and luxurious enough.”

The typography used in the visual identity are Dumbledorand and Plantagenet Cherokee.

These business cards have not been printed but if they were, “They would be printed on thick, textured white paper.”

“Blind embossed of the mark, and the logo in gold foil over it. On the other side, the pattern would be in gold foil as well, ” Eva suggested.


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Designed by Eva

For Léaina

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