Le Snack Pak business card

Le Snack Pak Product Business Card

Karen Mattiazzo designed these business cards for Le Snack Pak, the most elevated snacking experience from farmers’ markets to your table.

The business cards for Le Snack Pak are bright and cheerful, catching the eye of potential customers right away.

Karen remarked, “The brand’s logo is a serif, thick, display and strong manipulated font. Hence, the words stack up in contrast with the very colourful choice of palette and textured brushes.”

“It is intended that the colour scheme be bold, fun and vibrant. Brushes are used to create texture and play around the snack photos.”

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A Lively Brand Image

The use of brushes and spots gives a fun and lively, bright and stimulating impression of the brand image. The icons are sketched to back up the fun side of the brushes.

“The brand gets in touch with farmers’ markets to source its snack products. During the epidemic, my client was able to successfully find bigger audiences.”

“Farmers’ Markets are tents and stalls that sell something artisanal, handmade and most of the time, family-run. So, they may not reach the right audience and may have limited sales potential.”

“This was my client’s way of finding customers that like those snack products but can’t always reach them.”

“I believe the business card captures the spirit of the brand well: fun, vibrant, artisanal and handmade.”


A Bold Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is Yeseva One Regular.

“The logo font is very strong and imposing, to be remarkable and not forgotten. Also, it gives a contrast compared to the fun and feminine surroundings of the rest of the branding.”

“I wouldn’t want a feminine brush font to go with it because it would look too obvious and trendy, like a cookie blog.”

“The selected typeface needed to be blunt and neutral since it will eventually coexist with the logos on the products from farmers’ markets too. A display serif font knows how to be imposing.”

Other typefaces used for the body text are Geared Slab Regular and Dual 300.

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A Unique Text Arrangement

Karen had decided to use stacked lettering to express the brand rather than a larger font size, as is customary for a logotype on a business card.

“I wanted something bold to match well with the fun and colourful colours.”

“The biggest word in the brand name is ‘Snack’. So, it’s clear to see what the brand is about. To stack it up would make it compact and well arranged to be applied anywhere.”


Brush Strokes and Black Dots

The business card design features a distinctive pattern of brush strokes and black dots in place of snack-related graphics.

Explaining the idea behind it, Karen said, “The client’s snack options are highly variable; one day they might be a batch of cookies, the next day some popcorn or chips.”

“I could have used the snacks, but it would be impractical to carry along a large supply of hand-drawn symbols of food to use with the cards.”

“Since it changes a lot, my client would become too reliant on me, which she clearly did not want.”

“Like I said before, I think the brushes give a handmade feel. In some of the image posts for Instagram, I manage to get a top-view image of a snack bowl and merge the brush into the scene. It’s a way of saying ‘This is SnackPak, welcome to our world’.”

Le Snack Pak instagram post


A Wide Choice of Colours

Karen used dark and light grey colours for the text and logo, using them for contrasting purposes. She uses it on the spots too, so it’s visible and resembles crumbs.

“For the colour that’s similar to cotton is for a background brush because I need texture on backgrounds, so it’s not so raw white.”

“As for the rest of the colours, I wanted a spectrum, a good range that could cover the main tones: coral, tangerine, mustard, lime green, turquoise, periwinkle.”

“What I wanted to convey is how diverse the markets can be. It can sell sweet and salty products, warm and cold, acidic and citric, bitter and sour, etc.”

“Matching warm and cool tones, like mustard and coral, can demonstrate a possible flavour combination.”

These business cards were printed on 200gsm paper stock with a matte coating by Minuteman Press.


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Designed by Karen Mattiazzo

Printed by Minuteman Press

For Le Snack Pak

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