LE HANOÏ vietnamese restaurant business cards

Le Hanoï Vietnamese Restaurant Business Card

Florian Gallou designed these business cards for Le Hanoï, a Vietnamese restaurant located in Fort-de-France, Martinique.

The business cards use a vivid colour scheme and eye-catching illustrations to stand out.

With a vertical layout, it sets the business cards apart from the traditional horizontal format that’s commonly used in restaurant business cards.


The Brand Image

The brand name, Le Hanoï means “The Hanoi” in French.

The restaurant serves mainly Vietnamese food while being inspired by local traditions and cultural codes from both Vietnam and Martinique.

Florian described Le Hanoï as a warm place where you can eat on the spot in an exotic and colourful setting. All the dishes are home-made and also available to take away.

So, when it comes to the business cards, Florian remarked, “The client wanted the business cards to be visually attractive enough to be memorable.”

“The design goal was for the customers to keep the business cards. That’s why we created a beautiful graphic element on them.”


Colourful Illustrations

Florian pointed out that in terms of graphics, the business cards are a combination of a sober elegant style and a linear typography in black on white.”

“To counterbalance, we have opted for a warm visual gourmet that’s flashy enough: noodles, which are found on the menu.”

Apart from the business cards, Florian also created other colourful illustrations of menu items, such as beef, chicken, fish, and bo bun, in a cheerful way.

LE HANOÏ vietnamese restaurant illustrations


Typography, Colours and Business Card Printing

Florian custom-designed the logotype based on Trade Gothic.

“The letter ‘H’ takes the shape of a typical building of Vietnamese architecture; the central bar refers to a wooden beam and therefore also refers to the place itself,” Florian explained.

“As for the brand’s colour palette, we decided to use bright colours in relation to the place which is friendly and warm.”

“It consists of three bold colours – blue, pink, and yellow – with a variation of darker hues for each to create depth in our illustrations.”

These business cards were printed on Munken Pure rough 300g.

This uncoated paper complements the already warm and approachable feel of the business card design perfectly!


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Designed by Florian Gallou

For Le Hanoï

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