Laura Procaccini hair artist business cards

Laura Procaccini Hair Artist Business Card

Thomas Sturm designed these business cards for Laura Procaccini, a hair artist in Salzburg who specializes in unique haircuts, high quality colouration and consulting.

Thomas designed a minimalist and contemporary business card for Laura that perfectly captures the essence of her work!

“The client wanted to have an elegant and warm feel to their identity,” he said.

“It had to feel personal and approachable yet elevated and bold.”


Logo Design and Typography

Instead of a conventional logo design, Thomas Sturm chose to rely solely on typography to shape Laura’s visual identity.

The typeface used for the logotype is called Romie, and according to Thomas, it communicated everything they were looking for in this project.

“I’ve been wanting to use Romie ever since it was released, but it never felt right, up until this project.”

“It felt like the perfect fit and it all came together naturally.”

Laura Procaccini hair artist business card

To add a bespoke touch, Thomas custom-designed the letters “CA.”

He shared, “The reason for that is because the standard ligatures that come with the typeface didn’t really do the job in this case for me as they feel quite impactful and demand a lot of attention.”

“Therefore, I created something smoother and more flowy that has a more subtle feel to it while still being distinctive.”

When it comes to brand colours, Thomas chose a colour palette that reflected the nature of the client’s brand, which is warm, smooth and earthy.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Infinitive Factory, a letterpress printing company based in Austria.

The cards were printed on Nomad Omar 630g (duplex) stock with a white hot foil embossing finish.

Overall, this is a stunning, classy business card design that embodies the brand’s distinctive elegance and professionalism.


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Designed by Thomas Sturm

Printed by Infinitive Factory

For Laura Procaccini

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