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La Sauce Ludique Gaming Business Card

Appelle moi Papa designed these business cards for La Sauce Ludique, a mobile gaming company based in Nantes, France. The association aims to create shows, workshops and events for a wide audience.

La Sauce Ludique’s mission is to bring games to public spaces or structures through the installation of original and temporary gaming areas.

Its objective is to promote playful culture, encompassing both traditional and contemporary games.

With the client’s playful mission in mind, Appelle designed La Sauce Ludique’s business cards in a unique way that makes them stand out with striking colour and a unique type arrangement.


Logo Design

According to Jonathan Rousseleau, the co-owner of Appelle moi Papa, this business card is part of the rebranding project for La Sauce Ludique.

“We wanted to incorporate identifiable elements from the gaming world, including a typography with strong geometric lines and an attractive colour range.”

“The business card presents the modular logo of the association.”

“The letters that make up the name are nested in boxes that evoke the score grids.”

“Juxtaposed, they compose multiple and joyful geometries.”

La Sauce Ludique gaming business cards



The typography used on the business card was created by Benoît Bodhuin, and the design studio loved its creative work.

Jonathan explained, “The font used is Grotesk Remix. Its straight lines and unexpected curves correspond well to the playful spirit of the project.”

“By adding circles around the phone numbers, we hope it will clearly evoke the field of gaming, just like the logo itself.”

“The numbers written in circles simply evoke the lotto game pawns.”


Colours and Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed using risography by Grand Royal Studio, a printing company based in Nantes, France.

“Starting from their available inks, we chose this beautiful red, which creates a strong visual impact,” Jonathan said.

“We appreciate the artistic appearance of risography. This technique brings a particular grain and a touch of depth to printed materials.”

“The paper used for the business cards is Fedrigoni’s Arena Natural Rough 330g/m2, which we often use in risography for its material and soft touch, and its slightly beige look.”

Besides that, the leaflets were also printed via risography with medium blue/gold ink on Arena Natural Rough 100g/m2 paper.


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Designed by Appelle moi Papa

Printed by Grand Royal Studio

For La Sauce Ludique

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