La Nova jewellery business card

La Nova Handmade Earrings Business Card

Craft and Wild Design designed these business cards for La Nova Design, a handmade earrings business that’s selling on Esty.

La Nova sells unique earrings made using natural materials that are designed to be comfortable and beautiful.

The business card design is able to accurately reflect the brand’s natural and feminine style. It uses beautiful illustrations and flowing fonts to add to its appeal and show that La Nova is a quality, premium brand.


Elegant Typography

According to Kat, the founder of Craft and Wild Design, she used three different fonts for the brand’s logotype: Bigilla, Quentin, and Quiche Sans. Explaining the characteristics behind them, she said,

“For the word ‘Nova’ in the logo, I’ve used Bigilla, a decorative and classic-looking typeface, to give it a premium and elegant look.”

Quentin is a hand-drawn script typeface used to show energy and a subtle ruggedness to connect to the natural materials used.”

“As for Quiche Sans, it’s a minimal sans serif font that gives off a sense of elegance and simplicity.”

La Nova typography and colours


Feminine Illustrations and Soft Neutral Colours

An illustration is a great way to capture people’s attention, and in this case, it’s actually more than that.

“The illustrations of women convey how women will feel when wearing the earrings – feminine, sensual, and energetic,” Kat explained.

“The flowing lines represent the flowing nature of feminine energy.”

Soft neutrals such as brown and cream are used in the colour palette to give the overall brand a more organic feel. The dusty rose conveys a feminine feel.

La Nova Design illustrations


The Printing of Business Cards

The client handled the card printing themselves. When asked what her take was on the printing outcome, Kat said, “I’d suggest using a thick GSM premium feeling card to convey a distinctive look.”

“The card should be matte, linking it back to the theme of natural materials.”

“I’d also suggest embossing the cream details to give the overall design more depth.”


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Designed by Craft and Wild Design

For La Nova Design

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