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La Fonderie Bar Food Event Business Card

Studio AA designed these business cards for La Fonderie, a cultural and event venue in Mayenne, France.

La Fonderie was originally a foundry, hence the name. The idea behind this project was heavily inspired by its previous owner, an artist who owned the foundry before it was redesigned to be a cultural space. Everyone will find their place at La Fonderie, whether indoors or outdoors, to meet and exchange ideas.

La Fonderie Logos

For the business card design, the client wanted something fresh, modern and colourful. At the same time, the visual identity must be both current and distinctive.

“The logo is composed of geometric shapes echoing the aesthetics of the known artist who used to own the space before it was redesigned,” said Sascha Beguin, Studio AA’s Co-Founder. “It also reflects the diversity of projects related to this location and its new use.”

The typefaces used on the business card are Lato and Dx Rigraf. Both are sans serif fonts that echo the geometric universe of the logo and the visual identity as a whole. The brand uses modern and complementary colours in an unconventional way, making the visual identity more appealing and striking!

La Fonderie visiting cardLa Fonderie patterns

Warm colours such as yellow and orange are reminiscent of the activities of a foundry; purple evokes an artistic aspect including culture, arts and music. In a way, the simple geometric patterns bring dynamism and playfulness to the project, and they can also be used to represent art in a more global way.

These business cards have yet to be printed. When asked about the printing outcome, Sascha stated, “We are considering a peach skin effect for the cardstock with selective varnish and embossing as the print finish.”

“In addition, several colour combinations are considered so that the communication media can be varied and make as much reference to the visual identity and all of the elements that comprise it as possible.”

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Designed by Studio AA

For La Fonderie

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