La Fine Bouffe business card

La Fine Bouffe Sandwich Shop Business Card

Florian Gallou designed these business cards for La Fine Bouffe, a French artisan sandwich shop that serves cuisine that’s 100% home-made and at affordable prices.

The sandwich shop’s business card design is fun and has a unique way to stand out by using a mascot to highlight their products and a welcoming brand image!

La Fine Bouffe only uses ingredients sourced locally, grown by market gardeners, while their dairy products and meats are supplied by Breton breeders. Therefore, the quality of their products are assured, and it’s important that this be reflected in the logo.

La Fine Bouffe signboard


A Memorable Mascot

Florian claimed that the client requested an American mascot vibe for his brand.

“The mascot was a good compromise to be in an American style, referring to teams of collective sports or restaurant groups,” he said.

“The American design style is having an increasing impact on us here in France. Thus, we’re trying to revise and modernise it.”

“The mascot conveys a fun and a very relaxed image. It’s the image of the establishment’s management team.”

La Fine Bouffe mascot


Single-Sided Business Card with Illustration

The business card design is one-sided, and even though the mascot is not included (entirely), it still manages to shine with its minimal design!

“The business card only uses a small part of the logo – the hand (illustration),” Florian said.

“It’s perfect for smaller sized communication mediums such as these while still projecting a strong image and guarantee of quality (with the raised index finger representing number ‘1’).”

“The finger drawing on the menu highlights the impeccable service in connection with the kitchen.”

La Fine Bouffe pins


A Classic/Modern Typography

The typeface used on the business card is the Moret font, a serif display type family inspired by the European sign art of the 20th century.

According to Florian, the font complements the mascot style perfectly!

“Initially, the proposed fonts were closer to typefaces such as Cooper Black or Brice Pop, ‘Neo-vintage’ fonts. However, in the end, it was the Moret that retained our intention.”

“The client was particularly pleased with its bold lettering, which suggests an imposing image.”

La Fine Bouffe packaging


Blue Colour & Business Card Printing

The choice of colour was decided by the client himself.

Florian explained, “Blue was used in the visual identity that preceded the mascot. It allowed for a flexible rebranding.”

“The client preferred a monochromatic colour scheme for the entire project, in the style of many vintage identities that tend to be green or red.”

These business cards were printed on Munken Polar Rough 210g Deep Blue.


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Designed by Florian Gallou

For La Fine Bouffe

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