La Comète Argentique Business Card

Por Qué No designed these business cards for La Comète Argentique, a film club that primarily shows movies in the traditional, film-based format.

The business card has a unique shape that resembles an old movie ticket.

The overall design of the business card exudes a warm, cozy and welcoming ambiance with a subtle aesthetic that evokes a cinematic feel.


The Brand Image and Mascot

According to Gabriela Laurent, the co-founder of Por Qué No, La Comète Argentique is a cultural project in the field of film distribution.

“La Comète Argentique is not just a movie club but also a cinema-bistro in Montpellier, which serves as a place of conviviality and cinephilia.”

“It has a room of 60-80 seats, featuring an eclectic and varied program of heritage films.”

“The goal is to transmit the culture of film projection and show rare movies in 16mm format to the public.”

The ticket-shaped business card draws inspiration from the look of vintage movie tickets.

The brand’s mascot, Mister Méteor, was created to personify the cinema club.

“It establishes a relatable and trustworthy character for customers, facilitating a sense of exchange and sharing,” Gabriela added.

La Comete Argentique film club_1La Comete Argentique film club_business card


Typography and Colour Palette

The retro vibe of the entire branding is reinforced by the choice of colours and typography.

For the logotype, Monument Extended (by Pangram Pangram) and Blankeny Script (by Patria Ari) were used.

Monument Extended is bold and legible, while Blankeny Script is a vintage and elegant script font that adds sophistication and personality.

Both fonts are the perfect combo to create a harmonious, memorable impact for the card receiver.

The orange colour chosen for the business card evokes feelings of excitement and enthusiasm, which can be associated with the joy of going to the movies.

Also, it gives off a warm and inviting vibe that’s reminiscent of the golden age of cinema.


The Printing of Business Cards

Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau printed these business cards on Fedrigoni Sirio Color Flamingo.

The cards feature white printing and laser cutting in the shape of a ticket.


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Designed by Por Qué No

Printed by Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau

For La Comète Argentique

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