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L.A. Artistry Hair Stylist Business Card

Dominic Skeete designed these business cards for L.A. Artistry, a hair stylist studio owned by Leann Allen that caters for the trending but also a busy woman or man.

We asked Dominic, the founder of IDZN studio, to share with us the design process behind this visual identity, he replied, “We researched the competitors of the company to see what’s out there in order to create something unique and also resonates with the demographic. This is usually done on Google, social networks, Trademarkia etc.”

“Then, I sketched many concepts until I had a strong direction and researched those concepts across similar platforms mentioned prior, to ensure it’s not similar to other logo marks. Once I was satisfied, I illustrated the strongest and proposed it to the client in a meeting explaining the reasons they should go with the direction for the brand.”

For L.A. Artistry, Dominic wanted the identity to be professional, sophisticated and most of all, unisex as the business is currently having a hard time attracting male customers.

LeannAllen logo2


Typography & Colour Palette

Speaking of the typography and logo design, he continued, “I created a bold ambigram for the brand’s logomark with soft edges, and added a thin line to connect and form the letters.”

“The typeface is Montserrat bold, but I edited it with a flat top to add a masculine touch, while the kerning and overall letterform have a very neutral feel.”

“As for the colours, they are soft creme and deep sea blue. However, I wanted to add pops of colour as the owner’s style is very colourful.”

“The gradients in the business cards are to represent iridescent foil (once printed).”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are yet to be printed. Even so, Dominic did share with us his printing suggestions,

“I plan to use Taste of Ink to print the business cards with 32pt soft touch laminated card stock and apply iridescent foil on the logo and slogan.”

LeannAllen business cardLeannAllen logo

Designed by Dominic Skeete of IDZN

For L.A. Artistry (Leann Allen)

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