Kultura business card

Kultura Bar Business Card

Marka Collective designed these business cards for Kultura, a modern speakeasy bar inspired by the Prohibition era in the 20s and 30s. They create cocktails in a cultural style in the heart of Varna, Bulgaria.

“The name, Kultura, means ‘Culture’ in Bulgarian. The idea of its creators is to emphasize the hedonistic aspects of consuming cocktails. All those background details combined with the unique atmosphere, the quality drinks and the professional bartenders create one of the few distinctive places in Varna, Bulgaria,” said Nuray Nuri, the graphic designer at Marka Collective.

Kultura branding cards and menu

“Our visual work focuses on the hidden aspect of the bar – a blend between some retro Prohibition period inspiration and a post-apocalyptic dystopian feeling. A place which brings us back to the times when the Prohibition tried to take from the people the simple pleasures in life. Kultura is some kind of oasis for the Culturals – the people who still understand the importance of transforming the random Friday night into a lifetime experience.”

Kultura logo animation

The business card design is super eye-catching (no pun intended) with the striking colour combinations and unique illustration. Plus, the embossing effect of the scrambled letters around the ‘eye’ added a mystic and contemporary vibe!

Explaining the use of these distinctive elements, Nuri said, “Тhe striking colours had to complement and be in sync with the style of the place itself and the idea behind it. As far for the scrambled letters around the eye, we wanted a bold look, something that will stand out, not just make the ‘usual business cards’.”

Kultura business card and interior design

The business cards were printed by Extreme, a local print company.

“The duplexed cards, combined together with two different sheets of cardboard, creates a super-thick, high-impact card and achieves, distinctive and eye-catching multi-coloured edge. The blind embossing also gives a nice final touch and contributes for the tangible effect,” Nuri said.


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Designed by Marka Collective

Printed by Extreme

For Kultura

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