Koushmedia Business Cards

Koushmedia Video Production Business Card

Anna Grigoryan designed these business cards for Koushmedia, a photography and video production company based in Toronto.

Koushmedia’s business card is able to convey its contemporary aesthetic through a clever monogram and a modern colour scheme.

The company specialises in producing stunning visuals and captivating stories. Its commitment to excellence and creativity sets them apart in their industry.


Logo and Brand Image

Anna created a sleek and modern logotype-monogram that perfectly captures the essence of the company – the idea of pushing the boundaries and looking for new ways to create visually stunning and engaging content.

“The monogram is made up of the letters ‘K’ and ‘M,’ representing the brand’s initials.”

“The letters are intertwined in a seamless and elegant way, creating a sense of unity and cohesion.”

And not just that, the monogram can also be seen replacing the letter “K” when spelling out the brand’s name on the business card. Subtle yet clever!

Koushmedia video production icon



The typeface used for the logotype is PP Neue Machina.

According to Anna, this font is bold and confident, and it gives the client’s brand a sense of strength and reliability.

“The logotype-monogram is a memorable and recognisable symbol that will help the company stand out in a competitive market.”

“Overall, the branding project for Koushmedia is a perfect reflection of the company’s values and style.”


Colour Palette

The primary colour scheme includes black, light green and orange.

The objective is for Koushmedia to stand out from the more traditional and conservative colours commonly used in the industry.

However, when it comes to the business cards, only black and light green were used.

Koushmedia video production logo colours

Black has always been an ideal choice when it comes to minimal design, and it provides great contrast when paired with light green. It also shows sophistication and professionalism.

Anna remarked, “Light green, on the other hand, is a colour that’s often associated with growth, freshness, and new beginnings.”

“It can also represent creativity and innovation, making it a perfect fit for Koushmedia.”

As for the colour orange, which is used especially in other stationery designs (envelopes, for instace), Anna said that it helps to grab attention and convey a sense of excitement.

“Actually, both orange and light green are bold and vibrant, and they convey a sense of energy and creativity.”

“By using these challenging colours, Koushmedia is communicating that they are not afraid to take risks and try new things.”


The Printing of Business Cards

Vistaprint printed these business cards on 16pt cardstock for a sturdy and solid feel.

“The cards were printed with a matte finish to give them a more refined and elegant look without being too shiny or glossy.”

“Also, the choice of using durable cardstock also gives a great impression and at the same time communicates a sense of quality.”


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Designed by Anna Grigoryan at Rebel Alternative agency

Printed by Vistaprint

For Koushmedia

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