KOKO business card

KOKO Dairy Alternative Business Card

Baifern designed these business cards for KOKO, a company that makes a coconut-based alternative to dairy milk.

“I developed the visual identity using coconut illustrations, abstract organic shapes and modern typography. The design goal was to make a modern and playful design that speaks for the modernity and freshness of the new alternative to dairy milk,” Baifern said.

Speaking of the inspirations behind the logo design and colour palette, she continued, “The logo is a modern logotype. The form of letter ‘O’ in KOKO was inspired by the shape of a coconut cut in half.”


“The warm and earthy colour palette was inspired by the colour of a coconut shell in different tones; together with the abstract organic shapes that make your eyes flow smoothly over it, thus giving the audience a cheerful and exotic feel.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I would print the cards on eco-friendly materials, e.g. recycled paper or natural cotton paper that gives a textured feeling to reflect the natural aspect of the brand.”

KOKO business card KOKO_Wrapped GiftKOKO_Milk Carton

Designed by Baifern


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