KLOE business card

KLOE Jewelry Business Card

Paula Matczak designed these business cards for KLOE, an online jewelry store.

Speaking of her design process of KLOE, Paula said, “The story behind KLOE’s branding started when I entered the branding competition of the jewelry company. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of information to work on.”

“The ones I had became my main design focus, such as: three types of jewelry were offered by the company (necklaces, rings and earrings); models were to be designed with class and minimalistic, and the target customers were women who appreciated unique and quality jewelry.”

KLOE logo

“I put a lot of research and thoughts to the overall design. My goal was to create a logo (symbol) and a brand name that would be unbreakable with the jewelry. For me, designing a logo based on a geometric shape (circle) was the closest idea to a minimalistic design, which I had layered with the company name, KLOE.”

Paula explained further, “The logo I created, part of it can become a separately working symbol, a company sign and a repeated pattern for the packaging paper. The graphic symbol consists of three parts/elements that had been assigned to the types of jewelry the company offers.”

Paula chose the colour palette that works seamlessly with the logo/symbol, either to create a colourful logo on a white background or as a coloured background for the symbols instead.

Also, each product has an assigned colour to support the diversification of the jewelry category.

“So that’s how I created the rest of the branding assets. I really believed that branding is like building a house with a good, strong base and construction. The rest becomes a creation already as you can devote more effort to the design process due to having a clear goal.” Paula said.

These business cards were printed on coloured paper stock with embossed logo.

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Designed by Paula Matczak


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